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    Moscow monorail is located in the northeastern part of the city of Moscow. Monorail transport system is administratively part of the Moscow Metro since the beginning of 2013, reflected in a single transport document.

    Moscow Monorail includes a line that runs along the viaduct rises above the surface. Project development of the transport system began in 1998, and since 2008 monorail operates in transport mode. Since commencement of operation of the waiting time decreased from 30 to 6 minutes.

    The transportation system connects the All-Russia Exhibition Centre with the nearest metro station, in a short time became one of the major transport arteries of the district. In addition to the transport function, Moscow monorail also serves as a popular tour route. This system is unique in Russia and in other cities of the country does not occur, and a great view from the rush of cars on the overpass allows good look at the next neighborhood.
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