Moscow Dolphinarium

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • Moscow, pr. World, building 119 566 
  • +7 4995023376 
    Moscow Dolphinarium is the largest delfіnarom in Russia. Several of its branches located in St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kislovodsk. Here the visitors a wide-range entertainment program that will interest both adults and children.

    History dolphinarium begins in 1984, when the first was established research base for the study of marine animals, which it was decided to pay a visit to discover, because in those days we experience difficulties with financing. Very quickly gained popularity among the Dolphinarium Muscovites people were glad to see the dolphins in the movement, in all their glory.

    In addition to bright show with dolphins in Moscow Dolphinarium you can order this service as swimming with dolphins. The scientists found that communication with dolphins has a positive effect on physical and psychological health. And you can take diving lessons, the duration of each of which is 2 hours.
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