Krasnoluzhsky Bridge

  • Moscow, Russia
  • nab. Rostov
    City of Moscow
    The Russian Federation
    Pedestrian bridge Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Rostov connects Berezhkovskaya embankment in Moscow.

    The opening of the bridge took place in 2001. Part of the bridge has a certain historical value - span structures were Krasnoluzhsky before the railway bridge, built in 1907. After closing Krasnoluzhsky bridge in 2000 the data structure were moved to the new props.

    From the bridge overlooking the Moskva River and the two quays.

    For convenience on the bridge equipped with special viewing balconies, which are reached by stairs from the street or through the door with a covered part of the bridge. Incidentally, in the inner part of the bridge, which was covered with a glass dome, there are many various shops and small cafes.
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