Victory Bridge in Moscow

  • Ryzhkovo, Russia
  • district Falcon and Voykovsky district, Moscow 
    Victory Bridge is located on the Leningrad highway in Moscow. It passes over the railway Riga direction, connecting areas Falcon and Voykovsky. Construction of the bridge began during World War II in 1943. In that year, the decisive change in favor of the USSR, and it was decided to build a bridge as a monument to the first victory. The project covers an architect and sculptor Dmitry Chechulin Nikolai Tomsk. The basis of the sculpture they took fierce fighting that took place in this part of the city in autumn 1941. As a result, the bridge was called "Triumph of Victory".

    The bridge was significantly renovated in the seventies. Instead of two lanes in each direction were made four. Memorial sculptures of men and women in the northern part and the song "Glory to Russian weapons" on the south side of the bridge were installed on new granite pedestal. However, during construction, part of the decorative trim in the form of a composition of the flags and wreaths were lost. Remains of the sculpture and decorative composition Victory Bridge is an object of cultural heritage. 
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