Murmansk Commercial Seaport

  • Molochnyj, Russia
  • Harbour Passage, Murmansk, Murmansk region, Russian Federation 
    History of the Murmansk Sea Port begins its countdown during the First World War. He became the third port in the north-west after the port of Arkhangelsk and St. Petersburg. After the beginning of hostilities were trapped Bosphorus Strait and Dardanelles and the port of St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk port only continued funktsionirvat. With the onset of winter, when the stop moving, it became clear that the construction of a new port in Murmansk. The first ship was able to dock in It autumn 1915 - it was who had arrived with a cargo from New York Ship "Drott".

    A few months later completed the construction of the railway, and to Murmansk port went first trains with weights. With the onset of World War II through the seaport of Murmansk started to supply various goods to Spain, in addition, it is here was carried out unloading of vessels participating countries the anti-Hitler coalition. Port workers engaged in repair destroyed by air raids marinas, repaired damaged equipment. After the war, started a second life port - He was restored, and in 1980 became one of the five largest ports in the Soviet Union.

    In 1994, the port was transformed into a Joint Stock Company. Today, it is one of the largest Russian port movement which does not stop even in the winter. It all urban enterprises, which is the "engine" of the economy. In Murmansk port is assigned to the famous bar "Sedov" - the world's largest sailing ship, as well as the entire fleet of Russian nuclear ledakolny.
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Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin"
Monument anti-Hitler coalition
Memorial sailors who died in peacetime
Monument to submariners in Murmansk
Museum of the History of the Murmansk Shipping Company
Marine Orthodox church of the Savior on the waters
Viewpoint Retinskoe (admin. territoriya g. Polyarnyj)
Memorial "Defenders of the Soviet Arctic" Retinskoe (admin. territoriya g. Polyarnyj)
Murmansk Regional Art Museum
Murmansk Regional Museum
Lake Semyonovskoye Retinskoe (admin. territoriya g. Polyarnyj)
Monument to victims of foreign intervention of 1918-1920.
Murmansk railway station
Cafe "Youth"
The sculpture "The Cat Simon" in Murmansk Retinskoe (admin. territoriya g. Polyarnyj)
Five Corners area
Murmansk Oceanarium Retinskoe (admin. territoriya g. Polyarnyj)
Murmansk Regional Palace of Culture. Kirov
Monument waiting Retinskoe (admin. territoriya g. Polyarnyj)
Monument to Cyril and Methodius in Murmansk
Monument Kirov
Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater
The building of the Murmansk Regional Duma
Monument Valentin Pikul in Murmansk
Lenin Avenue

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