Money Museum in Moscow

  • Rozhdestveno, Russia
  • Leningrad highway, 59, Moscow, Russia 
  • Money Museum in Moscow - the newest museum of the capital, established on August 8, 2011. It is a private museum. The exposition of the museum - a private collection of the founder of AI Plushenko. Just a museum you can see the money in 80 countries, including the ancient bills. It is also planned expansion exposure. If you have samples of money those countries that are not represented in the museum, you will always rare coins and banknotes.

    The goal of creating a single museum of money in Russia - contribute to the spread of knowledge about the history of numismatics and to improve financial literacy. In the museum you can see not only money, but also other materials about the financial history and culture of world. Particular attention is given to the collection of precious cash coins USA and France 1775. The site has an interesting museum heading "School collector" with tips on how to create your own unique collection.

    Museum of money regularly participates in cultural events in the city. Free you can visit his museum in the night, or the night of Art. Despite the remoteness of the Museum of Moscow city center, it attracts a lot of attention of young people and the media. Ticket to the museum costs money 150 rubles.
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