Museum of Wooden Architecture village Lunkin

  • Tranovo, Russia
  • Russia, Ryazan region, Klepikovsky District, village Lunkin 
  • +7 (965)711-10-74 
    Before timbered two turrets and the gateway to the country carved wood recall Pushkin: "... here smells" and the birth of this amazing corner Meshcherskiy edge sung Paustovskogo and Yasenіnam obliged Groshev Vladimir Pavlovich, whose name and is now a museum.

    More than 15 years of collecting pennies a collection of works as a venerable artists, carvers lozopletov and very young talents - 15-17 year olds Interregional school masters. Clearing in front of the museum is decorated with 75 sculptures made of wood, and the main exhibition is located 14 rooms.

    Separately collected wooden works of art brought VP Groshev from abroad. Talented teacher invited in different countries - and from each trip, he came back with one or two works by foreign craftsmen. In the hall of foreign carvers collected figurines and compositions masters of Spain and India, Japan and Thailand, Ukraine and Belarus.
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