Museum of Crystal

  • vladimir, Russia
  • st. Aristocratic, 2, Vladimir, Vladimir Oblast, Russia 
  • +7 922 324 872 
  • In the city of Vladimir is a unique Museum of Crystal, located in the building of Trinity Church, not far from the Golden Gate. In his exhibition presents about 1000 samples of crystal and about 100 works from the finest porcelain. All of them are perfect, the best masters, some simply can not take your eyes off.

    Once you go inside the temple - the hour apynіtsesya in the realm of glass. Placed on the central display original works of the best modern masters of crystal production. They built a beautiful pyramid shmat'yarusnay and affect all tourists for its variety of forms and plastics, as well as multicolored. Exposition conditionally divided into the pre-revolutionary and contemporary collection of art glass that allows you to recreate the exact chronological picture of the development of the glass production in these places.

    This museum of modern products masterful artists resonate with quite old job kantrastuyuchy their colors, forms and methods of treatment. Every author who works with a simple glass or colored crystal, referring to the special diamond faceted, create their individual product. Entrance to the museum - a symbolic, only 50 rubles.
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