Museum of Oriental Art

  • Moscow, Russia
  • 119019, Moscow, Nikitsky Boulevard, d.12A 
    State Museum of Oriental Art, opened in 1918 and is located in the "House of Lunin," is the only specialized museum in Russia, in the collection of which is currently represented by the monuments of art and culture more than 100 countries Asia and Africa.

    It is the largest cultural and educational center, which presents more than 147 500 exhibits.

    In the museum you can visit the following permanent exhibitions: "The Art of Korea", "Art of China", "The Art of Japan," "The Art of Southeast Asia", "Art of the Caucasus", "The Art of Iran", "The Art of India", "The Art of Central Asia and Kazakhstan " "The Art of Buryatia, Mongolia and Tibet," "The Art of the North", "Painting the Caucasus and Central Asia", "Creativity NK and SN Roerich. "

    There is also temporary exhibitions of famous domestic and foreign artists and works only in Russia, Eastern antiques gallery.
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