Museum of the History of cognac in Moscow

  • Rozhdestveno, Russia
  • Moscow, Leningrad highway, 67 
  • +7 (499) 940-93-51 
    Museum of the History of cognac, founded in 2007, is located on the territory of the Moscow Wine and Cognac Factory "Kin". The building was built in Charentais style. Such museums in Russia is no more. The museum tells about what goes a long way cognac - From the vine to the aged, amber drink.

    The museum features many exhibits that give a complete picture of the process of production of cognac: tools Bondar, growers and winemakers XIX─nachala XX centuries. You will visit immersed in darkness cognac store and you will see the main exhibit collection - old Charentais alambikah or alembic, created in 1900.

    Museum visitors will learn proper tasting cognac, pick up a variety of flavors and aroma of young and aged brandy, cognac show properly fed and what he goes gastronomic dishes.
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