Museum of the History of vodka

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  • Museum of the History of vodka is located in Moscow, Izmailovo highway. History of vodka in Russia is 500 years old and Museum conditionally divided it into periods: Old Russian era, the Russian Empire, the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union, modern Russia. Experienced guides will tell you not only about the technology of vodka, but where did the culture of the use of this drink in Russia.

    In Russia began to produce alcoholic beverages, since IX-X centuries. But vodka story begins with the XV century, when Ivan III introduces the first state monopoly. This product was originally called bread wine, then the State-owned wine, dining on wine and only in the XX century came to be called vodka. Production began in Russia only after the appropriate technology appeared, before the holidays and feasts in Russia drank fermented birch sap, "mead" and other alcoholic beverages natural origin. Technology of production of vodka was imported from Europe, but to hold it from crops invented in Russia.

    The museum of vodka, you will learn many interesting facts about the history of the drink, and still be able to see the dishes in which it was sold at different times. Vodka is not by chance got the honorary title of Russian national drink, because he was widely distributed as the people and the nobles among the people. Vodka has paved the way even in the royal palaces, and it is known that Peter I positive attitude to this beverage.
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