Museum of stones

  • Goncharka, Russia
  • Russia, the Republic of Adygea, Giaginsky District, p. Goncharka 
    The main attraction of the small village of Goncharka Giaginsky District Republic of Adygea is arboretum. On its picturesque lanes is a museum of stones, created on the initiative of the local collective farm in the eighties the twentieth century.

    Became the foundation stones of the garden, those that remained after the construction of a mountain road. For the museum were selected set of bizarre shape mound. Most of them is a sandstone lenses and was created by nature itself. Others bear traces of human activity. Fabulous stone statues resemble fantastic creatures from fairy tales and legends, many rocks contain fossilized traces of prehistoric shellfish shells - amanіtu.

    Despite the fact that the geological museum does not matter, it certainly is a jewel of the park and the amusing spectacle. Goncharka located just thirty kilometers from Maikop. Come here to take a walk on groomed trails arboretum and marvel at the diversity of nature.
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