Konstantin Vasiliev Museum

  • Snegiri, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, ul.Cherepovetskaya, possession 3B 
  • +7 9067208018 
    Konstantin Vasiliev Museum located on the street Charapavetskaya in the area Lianozovo Moskva.Muzey was housed in a cottage type, which was built in the early XX century and belonged then to the holiday village Lianozovo. After the Revolution, the building was the county management of the Cheka, later - zdanie.Muzey house was opened in 1998, and only thanks to the incredible efforts of enthusiasts, art lovers Vasiliev.

    Memorial Museum Vasilyeva can be divided into direct memorial rooms and a new exhibit. As part of the memorial museum partially restored family life Vasilyev and exhibition devoted to the work of the exposition introduces hudozhnika.Pervaya visitors with the life of the artist's family, the second gallery of works of art, with creativity: historical paintings, paintings about the Great Patriotic voyne.Hudozhestvennoe heritage became very popular and it is to this day causes heated debate between fans of talent mastera.Poklonniki creativity Konstantin Vasilyev flock to the museum, conduct discussions, open new facets of his talent.

    July 24, 2009 the museum was closed to the threat of a raider seizure of land and zdaniya.Znachitelnaya of the canvases was passed by the court's sister hudozhnika.Regionalnaya public organization Club painting K. Vasilyeva plans again to open a museum with the rest of the museum collection available after repair usadbi.I Finally, March 31, 2012 the museum was reopened to the public.
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