Museum of ice figures in Sokolniki

  • CHesnokovo, Russia
    The museum is located in the pavilion area of ​​700 square meters. Ice sculptures in the exhibition are part of the pavilion, which occupies 500 square meters and is fully equipped with the freezer, the temperature inside them - 10 degrees all year round. 

    All comers at the entrance to the exhibition of the offer extra warm jacket. The museum also has a café and a venue for workshops and animation programs. You can visit the ice room set up with all the details of the real interior: fireplace, chair, mirror, ice bar with ice utensils and even - ice bed! Also you will see made of ice all your favorite cartoon characters, alien creatures, fantastic insects, as well as the castle, which is guarded by the evil spell witch silent guards. The museum has a magic gate, passing by which you can make a wish that will come true.
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