Museum of the USSR at ENEA

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • Exhibition Center, Pavilion №2, ave. World, 119 Building 2, Moscow 
    Museum of the USSR at ENEA is located in the second pavilion Exhibition Center. The museum can be found on the items that are included in our everyday life in the Soviet Union, to remember the forgotten things and the previous form of familiar everyday objects.

    Some of the exhibits are reminded of the official history of our country - for example U.Lenіnu numerous portraits, busts of Stalin and Voroshilov, propaganda leaflets from various periods. But do not forget that today, the creators of the museum can and ironic look at the history - for example, in one of the rooms will meet visitors Lenin mausoleum, the approach begins to actively breathe.

    Museum of the USSR to remind about the life of the time - in one of the rooms recreated a typical furnishing the late sixties - dishes, cans for cereals, wallpaper of the time, the guitar in the corner, bulky player - a rarity, and, of course, toys, which grew millions of citizens. Here you can play on slot machines or try to call one of the phone booth, which had long disappeared from our streets.
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