Museum-Theatre "Ice Age"

  • Talezh, Russia
  • Moscow, VVC, Pavilion 71 
  • +7 (495)974-00-59 
    Museum "Ice Age", created F.K.Shidlovskim in 2004, is positioned as a scientific exposition center, which exhibits demonstrate how the animal world looked distant ice age. Scientist paleantolagam given the opportunity to study these rare exhibits.

    The main part of the exhibition will tell you about the life of humans and animals that remote epoch in the harsh environment of the North-East of Russia.

    The exhibition opens with a hall, which presents "contemporaries of the mammoth." Visitors can see a rare collection of skulls and skeletons of the original buffalo skeleton fossil wolf skull and horns of a woolly rhinoceros, cave bear skeletons, unique skull cave lion, and the mummified remains of the soft tissues of animals that distant time. In the central hall of your attention will be presented to the symbol of the Ice Age - Mammoth. Group mammoths on a rotating pedestal - The main monument museum. For more sharpness to your feelings will add additional light and sound. The exposition ends with a hall where the works of ancient and modern art of carving on bone.

    The uniqueness of the museum lies in the fact that all original exhibits can be touched. Experienced guides will answer all your questions.
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