Museum theft Yuri Detochkin

  • Krasnye Orly, Russia
  • Koptevskaya str., 71, Moscow, Russia 
    Museum theft Yuri Dzetachkіna organized in 2002 in Moscow. The museum is located in the showroom «Favorit Motors» and every day on the street Kopteva gathers curious tourists.

    Near the entrance to the car interior are two exhibits that are of great interest - motorcycle understudy from the film "Beware of the Car" and the old Opel. The bike was bought for a large sum of money at auction Christy, and the Opel-known fact which became one of the first among the stolen cars.

    Inside the museum named Dzetachkіna a large collection of original exhibits and, despite its small size, the salon can accommodate a large number of objects - from a chisel used in the last century, in modern signaling. The museum collection supplemented by specialists 7th Branch MUR, employees dealership «Favorit Motors» and ordinary city dwellers. One of the most interesting objects is considered a Kalashnikov rifle, with which he was wounded at the time of arrest Theft Auto. The museum Yuri Dzetachkіna also a large collection of cool weapons - from axes to Cossack checkers.

    Here everyone can find a lot of new and interesting, as well as be able to donate to the museum stealing something from his collection.
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