Mytishchi Drama and comedy "FEST"

  • Mytishchi, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow Region., Mytishchi, ul. Shcherbakov, 6A. 
  • +7 (495) 586-07-77 
    Mytishchi Drama and comedy "FEST" was founded in 1977. The main theater of Mytishchi in 1988 received the status of a professional.

    The history of "Festa" begins in 1976, when the Committee of Komsomol MLTI was a competition between faculties of amateur Forestry Institute, which is now known as the Moscow State Forest University.  

    Activists of the Faculty of Electronics and lіchylna-crucial technique, called his team "Festival", using the initial letters of the names of faculty, staged "The heart of Chile." The role it performed the then unknown to anyone, and now famous Vinokur, E. Kurashaў, M. Zaslavsky, P. Grishin, E. Tsvetkov and Demidov. Festovtsam awarded first place. Since then, originated in Mytishchi "Propaganda team" Festival "."

    Newfound theater annually began to put new plays annually in competitions MLTI marks the first place.

    On January 1, 2013 in the repertoire Mytsіshchanskaga Drama and comedy "FEST" There are 14 children and 26 plays and performances for adults.
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