River embankment Cna

  • Belomestnaya Dvojnya, Russia
  • Russia, Tambov, Naberezhnaya 
    Cna embankment of the river is the main attraction and an extremely beautiful place Tambov. She began to organize at the end of the IX century. Currently, its length is more than 3.5 kilometers. Quay mostly pedestrianized, which is very convenient to relax.

    Throughout the seafront promenade are many attractive places: fountains, monuments, playgrounds, beaches, a variety of cafes, boat station, city park. Of course special beauty Quay provide church, which praises on high banks.

    In summer you can go cycling, rollerblading, boating on the river. Winter high banks turn into fun slides. Throughout the Quay are cozy benches, sitting down resting on that, you'll be hidden from human eyes and Believe me, there is no better place to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

    Also here you can sunbathe, swim, sit in a cozy cafe, eat barbecue, listen to pop concerts. On the waterfront is a "bridge of lovers", where according to tradition the newlyweds hang locks on happiness.

    If you came to rest with dzetsmі. it features a playground, and children can feed the ducks, it is going to be very interesting.

    And there can be no such question, so far as to have a rest, of course, on the embankment of the river Cna.
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