National Park "Meshchora"

  • Tihonovo, Russia
  • Russia, Vladimir region.,
    Gus Crystal Street. International, 107, and I 40.
  • +7 8 (49241) 
  • National Park "myashcheray" was founded in 1992 in Mescherskaya lowlands in the south-east of the Vladimir region. Area of ​​the park is about 120 thousand hectares, about 40% of which is in private hands.

    The park not only has rich flora and fauna, but also have been preserved from the past centuries cultural heritage. These include the three churches of the XIX century, a monument to the prisoners in the village of Hungarians Budevich, the remains of an old bridge over the River Pol.

    Currently operating in the park museum of nature "myashcheray" local lore complex "Old Town. Russian Compound", created by nature trails for tourists, held festivities and a variety of holiday programs.
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