Novoarbatsky Bridge

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, between the New Arbat and Kutuzovsky Prospect. 
    Novoarbatsky bridge, between 1963 and 1993 was known as Kalinin bridge connecting New Arbat and Kutuzov Avenue. This reinforced concrete bridge, built from beams, combines the Moscow River. The bridge was built in 1957, in 2003-2004 was carried out major reconstruction of the building.

    The main span building in uncut reinforced concrete beam, which is composed of components flown in 61, 100 and 62 meters, located in the river bed at an angle of 72 degrees. During the construction of steel bridge spans Novoarbatsky made welded, that was a novelty in Moscow mostabudavannya practice.

    The river supports stand on the grounds of Quezon, abutments made of piles. From the center part of the complex bridge predmostovoy area.

    Novoarbatsky bridge sadly famous for October 4, 1993, when he was fired from tanks White House.
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