The obelisk in honor of the 50th anniversary of the development of mineral water Psekupskih

  • Dzeberkoj, Russia
  • g.Goryachy key, Krasnodar, Russia 
    An obelisk in honor of the 50th anniversary of mineral water Psekupskogo is 10 meters from the chapel of the Iberian Mother of God, at the foot of the mountains in Abadzekh gorodeGoryachy key. The only monument in the world "living water" was made in 1914, in the 50th anniversary of the development mineral waters Psekupskogo.

    First, the monument was crowned double-headed emblem of the Russian Empire and decorated with inscribed boards. According to one version they were engraved with the names of Cossack units that participated in the Caucasian War, on the other - the names of the founders of the Hot Key. Today obelisk set in the center of Mineral clearing, is increasingly seen by tourists and locals as a tribute to the healing properties of mineral waters and Psekupskogo is a unique decoration Mineral clearing.
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