Aquarium of the Pacific in the SEC "RIO"

  • Snegiri, Russia
  • Dmitrov highway, 163, SEC Rio, Moscow 127204 
  • +7 8 (495) 921-10-15 
    In the shopping center "RIO" in 2011 opened the Oceanarium, which is on display a large number of marine fish, seals, turtles, fish and sharks (more than 10 000 copies).

    Oceanarium area of ​​3.5 thousand square meters, including 1,000 square meters occupied by saltwater aquariums and the same - enclosures with land animals. The rest of the akіyanaryuma reserved for the gift shop and a small hall, which hosts the show with seals and sea lions. On another site put on a show with feeding fish hammer leapardavyh sharks and other predators.

    Oceanarium is divided into 9 zones: "North", "The Arctic and Antarctica", "Rainforest", "Laguna", "cave", "Amazon", "ocean", "decorative aquarium" and "Hold pirate ship." In these areas, we can see strange animals: African penguins, Arapaima, dik-dik antelope and many others.
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