Island Khachin

  • Salnikovshchina, Russia
  • Ostashkov, Russia 
    Khachin - the largest island on Lake Seliger. Its area is more than 3,000 hectares, the length from north to south - 9 km, and from west to east - 6 km. Here lives a lot of animals, among which you can find moose, bears, badgers, wild boars, foxes, hares, beavers and yanotaў. Also on the island lives a rare waterfowl - bittern.

    The administrative center is the village Volokhovschina and adjacent Laskarevschina, Salnikovschina, Hreten Konevo and populated only in the summer, as the play the role of housing estates. The island is part of Astashkoўskі district of Tver region. 

    There are two pension "vagonnikov" - the summer resort of the October Railway and MTILP - year pension Moscow Institute of Industry. Artificial flow Copanca, dug by the monks for safe navigation and reduce water path divides into two island parts.
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