Ile de la Cite

  • Paris, France
  • the island can be reached by one of the nine bridges: New bridge, me, the bridge Notre Dame,
    Pont d'Arcole, Saint-Louis Bridge, the bridge Archdiocese,
  • By centuries of existence Ile de la Cité, it managed to live various tribes and nations. In the III century BC. e. the Celtic tribe lived here, and about 52 BC. e. the island settled Roman conquerors. But the significance of the island began to acquire only accession to the throne of the dynasty Meravіngaў.

    This is the oldest part of Paris is connected to the two banks of the Seine network of nine bridges. Ironically, the oldest of them still bears the name of the new bridge. In the XIX century on the island has undergone great changes. Town planner Baron Haussmann ordered to demolish all, that stood between the royal palace and the cathedral. At this place was built the building and commercial Prefectural Police Tribunal, which are connected by three straight streets, passing into bridges.

    There are a huge number of the most visited attractions that attract tourists at any time of the day: This Notre Dame, and the Square Vert Galan, and the Conciergerie or the Palace of Justice, and Pont Neuf and Sainte Chapelle and the statue of Henry IV, and so on. C.
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