Clear Lake

  • Panovy Kusty, Russia
  • Russia, Tambov region, Novolyadinskoe forestry. 
  • Clear Lake is located in Novolyadinskom forestry, fifteen kilometers from Tambov and two and a half kilometers from the village Tulinovka in poymennay River Valley Cna. Byasstsekavae lake to shape resembles a pear, stretches over kilometer from the northeast to the southwest. The width of the reservoir varies from 250 to 750 meters.

    On all sides the lake surrounding forest. And the landscape in the vicinity of the Pure is very diverse: pine groves, Berezniki and oaks. Complete the picture of small islands and picturesque bays, the largest of which is located in the northeast of the lake. In coastal areas - abundant reeds and sedges, Clear Lake is shallow - from half a meter to a meter. In the central part of the reservoir depth reaches 2.8 meters. Lake fish in freshwater Clean can see the grass carp, silver carp and carp.
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