Long Lake

  • Borok, Russia
  • Belogovsky district, Tver region 
  • At Long Lake is a very interesting building. It was formed a few hundred years ago in a deep pit, which was formed as a result of melting glaciers. Therefore, it is called evorzionnim. When the lake was the source of the river MSTA, but the Strait has long dried up. To date, MSTA from Dovgiy is located 300 meters.

    As for the general parameters, the width of the pond approximately 300 meters, with a length of four kilometers. The lake is not deep. In the middle of the bottom will be about four meters. The shores of Lake wetlands, sometimes overgrown with reeds, but there are sandy beaches equipped with a beach.

    The area is very beautiful ponds. Not only that Dovgiy virtually surrounded on all sides meter pine, so it is still crystal clear. Through the water you can see every pebble that moving fish, or moving back ago the river. The latter, by the way, so bold, easy to crawl for a meal on the beach. In addition to the lake pike, carp, perch, roach and other fish.
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