Lake Galanchozh

  • verhnij Alkun, Russia
  • Galanchozh district, Chechen Republic, Russia 
    Very beautiful lake Galanchozh is in the Chechen Republic. More precisely, in Galanchozh area. It is a mountainous Chechnya headwaters basin Geghi and the right slope of the valley of the river Osuhi.

    Galanchozh located at an altitude of 100 meters above the river, and the height above sea level is 1533 meters. The shape of the lake Galanchozh is an oval shape with almost correct vosevymі sizes of 380 and 450 meters. The deepening of the basin of the lake with a funnel maximum depth of 35 meters in the center.

    The lake water is crystal clear, and sunny weather, it is particularly clear, bright blue color with a greenish tint. The average water temperature in summer reaches 20 degrees above zero, and in the winter it freezes.

    Around the lake stretch colorful subalpine meadows and mountains. Near the coast, you can enjoy a shady grove. Also complements the beauty of the lake colorful wildflowers cover among green grass. It is also noteworthy that in the vicinity of the lake Galanchozh there are many old towers and other historic monuments.
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