Lake Imolozhe

  • Berezka, Russia
  • Vyshnevolotsky District, Tver region 
  • Imolozhe lake itself is a small lake elongated. Its area is about eight square kilometers. With a width of about two kilometers length is a little more than eight kilometers. At the same time it is also deep. In the middle of the pond to the bottom will be more than 12 meters. So, we must be very careful while relaxing on the lake.

    Adjacent to the Imolozhem circle are several lakes. This Kolomenskoye, Belskae, Zmiyaevo, Borovensk and island. They are interconnected by small channels. At the connection portion of the reservoir is mainly swampy and overgrown with reeds.   

    From the south along the railroad passes Imolozhya with the direction of St. Petersburg - Moscow. On the opposite side is Imolozhsky cemetery. It remains Novgorod land, which was mentioned in the XII century. On the eastern shore there Imolozhya Island village, where remains of the estate of Prince AA Shirinsky-Shikhmatov.
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