Lake Kubycha

  • Elmanova Gorka, Russia
  • Udomlya district, Tver region 
  • The parameters of cubic small lake. Its total area is nearly five square kilometers. With a width of a mile length is about nine kilometers. In the small depth of the pond. In the middle to the bottom of cubic meters will be five.    

    As for the banks, they are flat, low-lying, sandy, although there are wetlands. But where the cultivated areas are villages whose inhabitants are engaged in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, fisheries, agriculture bred. On the west side of the lake along Highway passes through the direction of the Almighty Volochek - Bezhatsku.

    In addition, many parts of the coast of the lake occupied villas. Close presence near the town of convenient place for a country house. When, in 1905, there was a summer residence of the famous physicist AS Popov.
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