Lake Mstino

  • Ragozino, Russia
  • Vyshnevolotsky District, Tver region 
  • Geographic parameters lake is Mstino largest average pond. Its area is about 14 square kilometers. And a width of nearly two kilometers, its length is 14 kilometers. Due to this, the lake is still and deep. There are place reservoir in the middle, where the bottom 10 meters.

    Itself pratochnae lake. It runs several large rivers - Rudnovka, Rudinka and Cna. A MSTA and takes it all back. At the end of the XVIII century at the source of the river was built Mstinsky platinum. It was necessary to regulate the water level. It still exists today.

    With regard to the shores of the lake, they are low, swampy, but there are cultivated places where the water's edge towering pine and spruce. There working holiday homes and children's camps. Many people come here just as a tourist destination. There scenic location and clean air. Next to the ICCA visiting guests break tents, bonfires and descend by canoe downstream.
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