Lake Pesvo

  • Mitroshino, Russia
  • Udomlya district, Tver region 
  • Lake Pesvo has a rounded shape. Its area is just over six square kilometers. The maximum depth of the pond in the middle reaches five and a half kilometers. In the coastal zone to the bottom will be almost three meters.

    Shore Pesvo greatly curtailed, high, though there are flat sandy areas. On the lake there are several small islands. Adjacent to the Pesvo there are two lakes - Udomlya and Syucha. They are connected to each other by small channels.

    The lake water is relatively clean, as in the south of the reservoir is Kaliniskom NPP. Over the pond being closely monitored environmentalists. Every day, water samples are taken. Due to emissions to water pollution is still there, albeit small. So swim in Lake is not recommended, as well as fish.
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