Lake Sabro

  • Hutora-Dubskie, Russia
  • Russia, Tver region, Ostashkovsky District 
    Sabri lake lies at an altitude of about 227 meters above sea level in Ostashkov area (north-west of the Tver region), just 15 kilometers from Astashkave. It belongs to the basin of the Volga and Lake Seliger.

    The area of ​​the lake is more than 12 square kilometers and reaches a maximum depth of 5 meters.
    Collected scenic shore, dry and wooded occupied by farmland, but swampy places.

    Stretches along the east coast highway Ostashkov - Volgoverkhovye. Southern coast of the peninsula is different, with its village located on a Farm Dubski. And on the west coast is the hamlet of the same name - remote, remote from roads and towns distinct and unique area - Sabra. Due to inaccessibility Farm locals fuse on the lake.

    Lake Sabri widely popular among hunters, fishermen and campers.
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