Lake Lake Smerdiacheje

  • Baksheevo, Russia
  • Shatursky District, Moscow Region, Russia 
    The lake is located near Lake Smerdiacheje Roshal, in Shatura District, Moscow Region, Russia. It is located in a beautiful pine forest, its diameter - about 350 meters and the depth - 35 meters. The name of the lake was for the smell of hydrogen sulfide, which is from He leaves.

    An interesting version of its origin is considered an assumption put forward in 1985 by astronomer that the lake appeared in the crater of a meteorite that fell to Earth more than 10 thousand years ago.
    By this time the lake was popular only among the locals who fish caught here. However, after this sensational lake has become a popular destination among tourists. The water is clean and quite drinkable. The smell of hydrogen sulfide causes marsh gas, occasionally rises from the bottom of the lake. Especially popular are hiking and fishing. "Meteor" Lake Lake Smerdiacheje is a natural monument suburbs.
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