Lake Velino

  • Beketovskaya, Russia
  • Village Velino Shatursky district, Moscow region, Russia 
    There is one mysterious lake in the vicinity of the village of Velino on the west side of the village and Shatura Shaturtorf that suburban myashcheray.

    It's called Lake Velino. There is a theory that the lake of meteoric origin. Another name by which he was nicknamed, is a "bottomless", no one knows its depth, it is approximately 15 meters. And then at the bottom of a huge layer of peat, about 30 meters or even more, it is not known. According to the stories of old residents, do not try to measure how much, and did not reach the dense bottom.

    The lake is completely circular and black water. Shore heavily overgrown and marshy, so go to clean water is possible only on bridges, laid across the swampy part of the lake. In large water content of alkali and it has antibacterial properties. so if there is a wound on the body after bathing, they pashchypvala.

    Locals say that swim in this lake can not have been many cases where people drowned in it for unknown reasons. Although young people safely bathed, not believing the stories of old men.
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