Lake Volchin

  • Ivanovskoe, Russia
  • Udomlya district, Tver region 
    Volchin lake itself small pond elongated. Its area is just over five square kilometers. With a width of one and a half kilometers in length is almost 11 kilometers. But it is very deep. Maximum depth in the middle of the lake is more than 14 meters. The coastal zone is not too small - almost four meters. So we must be very careful going too far from the shore.

    For those who bathe in the lake there are several beaches. Here come the locals and tourists alike. Here beautiful nature and clean beaches. The bottom is sandy, flat, without snags and boulders.
    Adjacent to the Volchin is another lake with blue lakes - sister. They are interconnected by small channels. On the other lake groups Volchin reported by tributaries Krutets.
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