Monument-bust aircraft designer Yakovlev

  • Yurevo, Russia
  • Leningrad Prospect, district Sokol, CAO, Moscow, Russia. 
    Monument bust avіyakanstruktaru AS Yakovlev it is located in a park near the Chapaeўskі lane at the entrance to the Park aviators in Moskva.On reflects the well-known Soviet aircraft, Colonel-General in the form of a soldier, with its proper regalia.

    Opening of the monument took place on August 18, 1976, during the life of Alexander Yakovlev It is made of bronze and carved on the pedestal of the monument commemorative inscription. The authors of this monument is the architect AA Zavarzin, sculptor M.K.Anikushin.

    Soviet aircraft designer Alexander Yakovlev is the creator of the legendary plane either. Under the leadership of AS Yakovlev was designed and produced more than 200 types and modifications of aircraft.
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