Monument-bust Tsiolkovsky at the palace alley

  • Yurevo, Russia
  • Leningrad Prospect, 40 / Left Palace alley, 7A, Moscow, Russia. 
  • Monument-bust K.E.Tsyyalkoўskaga is in the park at the intersection of Leningrad Avenue and left the palace alley. It was created in 1932 - 1940 by architect I.A.Frantsuzom, but it only opened 17 September 1957 g ..

    Konstantin Tsiolkovsky is best known as the father of Russian astronautics. He was only a school teacher, but a great inventor and genius scientist face. His main work was on space, aeronautics, rocket dynamics, he developed a prototype of multistage rockets.

    Bust Tsyyalkoўskamu mounted on a marble pedestal, which shows his name and surname, as well as the dates of his life. Master managed to convey a portrait likeness, as well as the commitment and perseverance character Tsiolkovsky, as always very difficult to be a pioneer and stay one step ahead of his time.
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