Monument artist Alexander Kiselev Tuapse

  • Kroyanskoe, Russia
  • Tuapse, Plane Alley 
    Monument artist Alexander Kіsyalevu, Academician Alexander Kіsyalevu painting is on urban-tree alley. Tuapse famous painter first visited in 1899. This city has become a place of inspiration for Kiseleva, an outlet where he could safely create. During his life, the master of the order of eight paintings created in many glorified nature of the Caucasus - rocks, sea. Rock near the town called - rock Kiselyov.

    Fascinated by the beauty of Tuapse, the painter decided to settle in the city and built a house on the outskirts. It is not far from the house-museum Kiselyov, who has over 20 years of experience in Tuapse, now located and double bronze artist height of 2 meters and 5 centimeters. He sits with etsyudnіkam in his hands and looks into the distance, as if admiring the newly beloved landscapes and ponders a new picture.

    The monument was created in Moscow sculptor Vitaly Shan.
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