Monument Michurin in Moscow

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  • Monument IV Mіchuryn set Michurinsk garden in the VVC (ex VDNH) in Moscow.

    Michurinsk garden there since 1954. In the garden grow apples, pears, cherries and lilacs. And in the center of the nursery in 1954 was a bronze monument to Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin, Honorary Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the talented biologist and botany, gifted selektsyyaneru and creator of new varieties of different fruit and berry crops. In his honor, in memory of merit and called this garden.

    On a high pedestal granіtnym for the past 60 years is a man of bronze, wearing a coat and hat. One hand rests on a stick, while the other hand holds the bronze apple. Pensive look into the distance, and it seems that examines your Mіchuryn garden. On the pedestal there is a palm branch decorated plate with a commemorative inscription. The creators of this monument is the sculptor and architect D.Zhilov V.Artamonov.
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