Monument to the founders of Saransk

  • Durasovo, Russia
  • Russia, Republic of Mordovia Saransk, Fountain descent to the recreation park named after AS Pushkin Street. Moscow 
    Almost every town has its own interesting history of origin and a monument to its founder. Saransk was no exception, and the fountain of descent, where in 1641 the fortress was laid, established a memorial sculpture dedicated builders of Saransk. 
    In the 18th century at the same Moscow descent towered defensive tower, which soon became a frontier for the ramparts. The fortress was an important strategic object in the southeast of the country, so ably deter raiding nomads.
    Through repeated fires in the 19-20 centuries, the city has repeatedly burned and rebuilt, and its appearance is constantly transformed. Therefore, at this time does not preserve any castle or tower dazornaya. In memory of the builders of the city of Saransk, is a monument, a stone, which bas five men. They are depicted in full growth with construction tool in the hands.
    For local residents, the monument is a pride and a reminder about the history of his native city - Saransk.
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