Monument processed cheese "Druzhba"

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • Crossing the street Rustaveli and garden travel, Moscow, Russia 
    Monument processed cheese "Druzhba" is located at the intersection of Grodno travel and Rustaveli Avenue. The monument was created based on the fable "The Crow and the Fox" and depicts a fox and crow with a piece of cheese "Friendship" that their "friends."

    In 2004, the first festival of cheese, it was decided to erect a monument of cheese. Competition was announced and is a jury that selected the winners and - father and son Shcherbakov. Shcherbakov created the sculpture "cheese" Friendship ", which is now of great importance for Russian citizens - it has become a symbol of peace, harmony and friendship. Monument entered the list of "most unusual monuments of Moscow", which are the janitor and the monument and museum named after Yuri Dzetachkіna theft, and many others.

    Sculpture draws attention not only a solid team, but also brings memories of the era of the Soviet period, at a time when all around were grocery stores, a disco on Fridays, and many lived in dormitories. Monument attracts attention both citizens and tourists, guests of Moscow, came to the intersection of two streets.
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