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  • Tomsk, Russia
  • Tomsk, st. Shevchenko, 19/1 
    In Tomsk, together with the company Tomlesstroy on the street Shevchenko monument to the wolf from the cartoon "There once was a dog." The authors of the sculptures were lіtseyshchyk Maxim Petrov and consultant artist Leonty A. Usov, who sang the well-known scene "Right now I sing." Financial support for this project took over the company Tomlesstroy, who decided to give the city such an unusual monument to four hundred anniversary of the city.

    Established in 2005, it became one of the most unusual and most memorable sights. The authors of the selected image of the wolf from the well-known cartoon as the most striking example of a state of happiness. Therefore, a monument to the wolf and called - Monument Happiness. If you're in Tomsk, be sure to pat the wolf on the polished round belly.

    From touching monument says one of the eight most popular phrases voice Armen Borisovich Dzhigarkhanyan.
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