Monument chocolate

  • Pokrov, Russia
  • Russia, Vladimir region, Petushinsky District, g.Pokrov, Lenin Street 
    Monument chocolate - a bronze statue of a fairy with a big chocolate bar in his hand. This is the first monument in the world of chocolate in Pokrov, Vladimir region. In 2009, the world-famous company «Kraft Foods», in which the activity, in Russia, includes the production of the beloved chocolate «Milka» and «Alpen Gold», announced a competition to design the statue.

    Participants were many, but defeated, known in Europe, the sculptor Vladimir - Ilya Shanin. And until midsummer monument was ready and set near the Pokrovsky shokolada.Visota monument museum about 3 meters and weighs about 600 pounds. Statue of very similar to the half-open bar of chocolate, with only his head, hands and feet. Bar of chocolate in the hands of the fairies has already overgrown with legends. It is said that if you rub a hand tile, your life will be sweeter. To check this, hundreds of tourists every day polishes tile to shine.
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