Monument "Here begins the Russian"

  • Elizovo, Russia
  • Yelizovo, Kamchatka Krai, Russia 
  • Monument "Here begins the Russian" reflects a bear with a cub. The fact that they decided to perpetuate - not in vain, because bears are considered to be the hallmark of Kamchatka. Bears symbolize not only Kamchatka, but also the whole of Russia, and the inhabitants of Kamchatka monument reminds them that they are not cut off from the mainland.

    The monument was erected on the budget around Elizovo near Shumaninskim crossroads. Bear and bear cub carved out of stone in full size. Bear-mother holds in his mouth salmon. On the stone monument is seen the inscription: "Here begins the Russian."

    Although the monument was installed recently, in 2011, vandals have twice managed to screw it up. They broke a sculpture or "selected" fish in the bear. Now the monument is under the clock video surveillance.
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