Recreation park Proletarian area

  • CHekaevskij, Russia
  • Russia, Republic of Mordovia, Saransk, ul. pr. 60 October 
    Modern recreation park Proletarian area, after a global reconstruction, started his "new page" of life on June 12, 2012. The park is located a forest belt, so different clean, fresh air.

    Park Proletarian area is always crowded by visitors, at the weekend it attracts visitors from all parts of Mordovia. In the park installed a completely new attractions, including: the Ferris wheel, extreme "Storm" and "Sputnik".  

    For children presents a number of entertainment attractions: flying ship, helicopter, train, sun, trampoline and play complex. Encouraged by the fact that the prices of all kinds of entertainment are very affordable.

    The park territory surprisingly clean, neatly paved with tiles alley with fountains and plenty of benches with urns promote relaxation and comfort. The park has installed toilets and tents sale with souvenirs, toys and balls.

    On the other side of the park overlooking the forest, to which there is free access. Walking trails and undeveloped gazebos and benches.

    Proletarian Park area is a great place for recreation for the citizens of any age, especially like to spend here a family with children
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