Park Pokrovsky-Glebova-Streshnevo

  • Ryzhkovo, Russia
  • stupid. Nicholas, Moscow, Russia 
    Park Pokrovske-Soil-Strashneva - is one of the largest parks in Moscow and has an area of ​​about 238 hectares.

    The park is bounded Volokolamsk Highway, Leningrad highway and the river Khimki, the valley which, together with all its tributaries and springs is considered a natural monument. Rivers and reservoirs is one of the business cards of the park.

    The park got its name from the surname of the owner estates, which are located in this area. The average age of the trees in the park is about 150 - 160 years old, but only in the park, there are about 200 species of flora. Also at the park is inhabited by a different animals and birds, some of which are listed as endangered.
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