Amusement Park "Wheel of VVC"

  • Talezh, Russia
  • 119 Prospect Mira, VVC, Moscow, Russia 
  • +7 8-926-612-96-83 
    "Wheel of VVC" - a popular Moscow amusement park located on the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre. The park is open all year round, attracting many tourists and just having a rest.

    Amusement Park "Wheel of VVC" was built in Moscow in 1995 for the anniversary of the Russian capital.

    In the park there are a variety of attractions to suit both fans of extreme sports fans and families. And the heart of the park there is a huge ferris wheel, and which gave the park its name.

    Also in the park operates a modern 5d-cinema circuit, Panic Room, various swings and roundabouts. And for the youngest visitors arranged a special children's rides. In general, the "Wheel of VVC" - excellent modern amusement park, which give a lot of fun for both children and their parents.
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