Park "Northern Tushino" in Moscow

  • Rozhdestveno, Russia
  • Liberty Street, 56, Moscow 
    Northern Tushino park was formed in the late XX century. Earlier in his place was Zaharkovsky fruit garden, which were planted in the 50s as part of the collective farm program. Apple and pear fruit yet, but the collective farm for a long time is not in sight. In order not to disappear the territory of Moscow's rule, it was decided to make it a recreational area. Then the trees paved trails that surrounded the decorative stone, set the gazebo and benches. In the center of the park is divided town attractions and planted flower beds. 

    In addition, in the park Northern Tushino appeared coming from the Museum of the Navy. Once in the park you can see WIG Eaglet, Novosibirsk Komsomolets submarine and amphibious boat amfіbіynaga Skat.

    In addition to military equipment in the park there are unique monuments. On the territory of Northern Tushino is nealіtychnaya parking, dating to the third millennium BC.
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