Sokolniki Park

  • CHesnokovo, Russia
  • Sokolniki Park
    st. Sokolnichesky shaft, d. 1, page 1,
    Moscow, 107113
  • +7 (499) 268-60-11 
    The park is famous for its rose garden and flower decoration - annually planted thousands of flowers here and break a lot of beds. Also at the park are Putyaevskie, deer and golden ponds, numerous cafes, playgrounds.

    Anyone can ride a horse or just walk. At the park there are attractions that are open year round, and a mini-zoopark.Na first beam clearing opposite the large rose garden during the summer season is open a free bicycle hire. 

    In winter, the park skating rink in a large circle, laid the ski runs, built of snow and ice slides, snow town.

    Rental skates, skis, tubing. And conducts driving on Finnish sledge, sleigh with teams of horses and snowmobile sled.
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